5 Hair Care Tips For Transitioning From Summer To Fall

5 hair care tips for transitioning from summer to fall

Embracing The Season Of Change

The beginning of fall next month marks the season of change. Changing weather, changing colors across the landscape - and changing how we care for our hair. Navigate your hair care routine to fully embrace the energy of change to promote healthy, nourished hair during the drier season. 

Here are 5 tips for your hair care routine as we transition from summer to fall.


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Give your ponytail a rest:

It's quick, it's cute, and great for summer weather, but ponytails cause breakage and added stress to the scalp.

This stress gets worse as weather gets colder and your hair gets drier. Rather, wear your hair mostly down or softly pinned up to reduce extra pulling. 



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Get a trim:

A summer of sun exposure can leave your hair damaged and fried. And, the longer your hair, the more susceptible you are to breakage.

Split ends be gone!




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Reduce blow drying time:

Exposing hair to prolonged heat can destroy lipids in strands, affecting the levels of moisture, leading to dryness and split ends. Persistent damage to the outer layer of the hair caused by blow drying can lead to breakage of the whole hair. Use a microfiber hair towel and ring out excess water to help your hair start drying before you put heat on it.




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Ditch dry shampoo:

While dry shampoo is incredibly convenient during the busy days of summer, scalps tend to get dryer, more irritated, and flakier in cooler months. Furthermore, dry shampoo deposits substances to coat the follicle that can build up resulting in inflammation that can weaken follicles and increase shedding – drier months exacerbate this process!  




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Buy a nourishing shampoo and conditioner set:

For healthy, nourished hair this season, use our cleanse and nourish kit featuring the Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner

This kit contains caffeine to further strengthen hair and wheat protein to soften and provide more nourishment. 

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