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Our Story

You’ve nailed the aging process down and have the life experience to match. Now with the right haircare to back you up using Plantur 39, you’ll be unstoppable.

Starting as brand in the 1980s, in 2005, German-based cosmetic company Dr. Wolff stepped in to address specific age-related hair issues after seeing a huge gap in the hair care industry for women over 40. Today we use our 100+ years of experience and research to target the hair concerns naturally seen in the transition before, during and after menopause.


Everyone knows about hair issues that affect men, but what about women?

Hormonal side effects caused by lower estrogen levels can make hair look different over time, which is why treating it to the right lineup of products is key. That’s where we come in to shed light on a game-changer to help improve the look and feel of hair no matter what phase of menopause you’re going through.

Exclusively designed for hair over 40, our caffeine-infused haircare lineup promotes natural hair growth.

plantur 39 phyto-caffeine shampoo and conditioner

Aging doesn't have to be scary with Plantur 39.

With a system made specifically to treat your biggest hair needs, your hair can be your crown to display to the world confidently. Feel empowered by your age and let Plantur 39 support you as a hair care must-have throughout your journey.

Our Difference

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