5 hair care tips for transitioning from summer to fall

5 Hair Care Tips For Transitioning From Summer To Fall

Embracing The Season Of Change The beginning of fall next month marks the season of change. Changing weather, changing colors across the landscape - and changing how we care for our hair. Navigate ...

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menopauseRomy Raves Raves About Plantur 39

Romy Raves About Plantur 39

Original Blog By Romy Raves PLANTUR 39 TRANSFORMS THINNING HAIR DURING MENOPAUSE Most of you know that I am at the beginning phase of menopause and that I regularly and candidly share my expe...

Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience

Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience

Original Blog by She She Show My Menopausal Hair Experience As a woman I think we all cherish our hair. I know I do! In my late thirties to early 40s I started to notice from bleaching my hair a...

plantur 39Plantur 39 products


The Mama Maven gives her review on the Plantur 39 3-Step System for thinning hair.

menopauseWhat You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Hair During Every Stage Of Menopause

What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Hair During Every Stage Of Menopause

Learn more about each stage of menopause and how to take care of your hair every step of the way with Plantur 39.

plantur 39plantur 39 are sulfates bad for your hair woman in shower washing hair

The Truth About Sulfates And What They Can Do For Your Hair Care Routine

Are sulfates actually as bad for your hair as everyone says they are? Read more to know the facts about this hot topic.