Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience

Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience
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My Menopausal Hair Experience

As a woman I think we all cherish our hair. I know I do! In my late thirties to early 40s I started to notice from bleaching my hair and highlighting it from a young age, my hair was starting to thin. I had a simple solution, to go easy on my hair and find a better hairdresser! Well, I did and my hair came back to life! Years went by that I had great hair, it was thick, soft, and shiny. Fast forward into my early 50s and my hair started to thin, become brittle and seemed so delicate. I thought how could this be? I am taking care of my hair health!

With that said I have finally figured out that I was doing everything right to care for my hair…my hair issue was actually NATURAL, common, and a normal change that happens to the majority of women. I had menopausal hair – you heard that right. What was happening was because of MENOPAUSE! My estrogen was decreasing, I have everything you need to know about how that affected my hair below.

Plantur 39 has been a go-to hair product for me for a while. Being 65 I can say that menopause has shown face and impacted me as a woman! I’m sure many can relate. Menopause has especially affected my hair! With Plantur 39 I am getting my youth back!

What Is Plantur 39?

The Plantur 39 product range has been specially developed to meet the needs of hair over forty. At the start of menopause, as women, our hormone balance changes. This can also cause our hair to suffer. To ensure the ideal care for your hair, Plantur 39 has developed a product range that provides hair over forty with the best possible support.

 Plantur39 products

Key Ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • White Tea Extract
  • Wheat Protein
  • Soybean Seed Extract
  • Castor Oil



    Androgenetic Alopecia (Menopausal Hair Loss)

     Androgenetic alopecia (hair loss caused by male hormones) is primarily triggered by hormonal changes during and after the menopause. The cause is the increased influence of the male hormone (testosterone) on the hair growth cycle and the hair roots.

    Plantur39 hair’s growth cycle


    Our hair’s growth cycle is divided into three phases: The active growth phase, the transition phase, and the resting phase. Hair production takes place during the first phase, the active growth phase (anagen). This process can last between two and six years. This is followed by a transition phase (catagen), lasting a few weeks, during which the hair gradually separates from the hair root. In the third phase, the resting phase (telogen), the hair separates fully from the hair root and falls out. The hair root regenerates. This can take between two and six months. The process now comes full circle and the new active growth phase starts – the hair root produces a new hair.


    The hormone balance influences hair growth

    The hormone balance influences hair growthThe complete cycle can take place over several years and the timing differs for each hair. Each individual hair has a maximum number of growth cycles. This means that at the end of these cycles, the hair can no longer grow back. This part makes me sad are you with me?

    At the start of menopause, the level of female hormones (estrogen) decreases. Consequently the influence of testosterone, which has a negative impact on the hair roots, increases. This, in turn, causes a hormonal imbalance, and the hair growth cycles may be shortened. This may then result in thinner hair and shortened regrowing hair.


    Why Apply Caffeine? 

    The Phyto-Caffeine Complex travels through the strands and strengthens hair that may become weakened during menopause. This complex was developed by Dr. Wolff Research in cooperation with the dermatological departments of university hospitals.

    The Plantur 39 products enable this complex to reach the hair shaft and compensate for the lack of energy. It is therefore important that the caffeine can go where it is needed. That’s why it needs to be applied locally, i.e. directly on the scalp.

    The caffeine from the Plantur 39 products (shampoos and tonic) remains detectable for up to 24 hours. Then, fresh caffeine must be supplied. This is why a caffeine product must be applied every day. It is best to apply Plantur 39 caffeine products daily, so hair affected by menopause can be strengthened.

    It is not always necessary to wash your hair every day. This is why the Phyto-Caffeine Tonic was developed. It gives the hair energy on days when you don’t wash your hair with the Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo.


    Plantur 39 routine

    1. Use the Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for washing your hair, and leave it in for two minutes – from application to rinse.
    2. Use the Phyto-Caffeine Tonic on days when you don’t wash your hair with a caffeine shampoo. Massage the tonic into your scalp and then allow it to dry. It does not have to be rinsed out.

    Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience

    My Outcome Using Plantur 39

    I have been using Plantur 39 for a while now. I am using the entire system. My hair FEELS and LOOKS thicker! It is so much stronger than it used to be. I saw my hairdresser recently, and the last she saw me was in February. She was amazed and commented on how great my hair looks and feels! So I know Plantur 39 is doing something good for my hair when my stylist mentions it! Take a look at the photos for yourself. For my personal recommendations using Plantur 39, I do suggest that you also use the conditioner and the tonic after using the shampoo.

    Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience


    Sheree Frede Shares Her Menopausal Hair Experience


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